Tips And Guide To Restoring French Provincial Furniture

The furniture was made in smaller cities in France for countrymen or middle-class peoples. The style used in the furniture is not as unique as every craftsman used to have carved their design with a little touch of royal design. The french provincial furniture was made during the 18th century in smaller cities of France, and this style is used to make all-purpose furniture like furniture for bedrooms, dining room, and even the furniture used in the living room.

Benefits of french provincial furniture

There are many benefits of french style furniture. Some of them are

  • This furniture was made using the wood found in the countryside like oak, beech, elm, etc., and was durable and easily movable than those imported woods used to make the furniture for royal people.
  • The colors used on the furniture were generally of light contrast, which made the furniture look even more interesting. White was the most used color at that time.

Features of french provincial furniture

  • The furniture made by the craftsmen was mostly made for middle-class peoples and country men’s so the design used was not very fancy. Some of the features of this furniture are
  • The design is carved to remain for a longer period, and the furniture was also durable.
  • The styles used on the furniture were not too much like the one used by royal families. It was made by keeping the people using it in mind.
  • Most of the furniture has different things carved on it too with your hand.
  • After the carving, the furniture is painted using the paint available in the southern part of France.

Sum up

This furniture mostly has cabriole legs, which means it’s curved. Also, This furniture is not as stylish as that of royal furniture, but it’s good for middle-class people.