Toilet Training Your Puppy

It’s not possible to monitor your shiba inu puppy 24 hours a day, so don’t expect too much too quickly from your puppy. A puppy may not be fully house trained until about six months old. It is perfectly normal for a puppy to eat a lot and use her bladder and bowels a lot.

Puppies grow and develop very quickly so it is only natural for them to eat more food, have lots of energy and have the need to ‘eliminate’ quite often. At this age, they haven’t yet developed bladder and bowel control so they aren’t able to hold it as long as an adult dog.

What To Do When You Aren’t Home

If you need to leave your puppy alone at home, it is best to confine her to a small room and cover the floor with newspaper. Put some of her toys in the room along with her bed and her food and water bowls.

At the beginning your puppy will eliminate anywhere whenever she feels the need, there will be no particular spot for her to do it. She may even play with the papers and chew them and drag them around the room.

This is completely normal and it is best to just ‘live with it’ and not get too upset over it. When you get home you will have to clean up the mess and lay down some fresh paper. This will only be for a short period so try to accept it and deal with it for the moment.

House Training Using Paper

When your puppy is in a confines space like this she will start to develop a habit of eliminating on paper. Since the room is filled with paper then that is the only place where she can eliminate. As she gets older she will start to show a preferred spot to do her business. Once she starts to use a preferred spot you can gradually reduce the amount of paper in the room by removing the areas that tend to stay dry.

Begin by removing the paper from the other end of the room to her chosen spot. After a while, you will only need to have papers on one part of the room and your puppy will know to use that spot each time.

If she does her business on the floor around the paper, then perhaps you have removed too much too soon and make the papered area a little bigger again. Don’t rush the process or you may end up needing to start over again.

When your puppy is continually doing her business in the same spot on the papers you can gradually start to move the papers to another location and preferably getting closer to the outside door. Once again, don’t rush this process, move the papers slowly and just a little each day.

Puppies will have setbacks every now and then so don’t be too disappointed if she is doing really well and then one day does her business on the floor. This is completely normal for a puppy to have a setback occasionally. Keep encouraging her and stick to the method and she will be trained before you know it.

House Training By Taking Your Puppy Outside

The paper method is very effective especially if you aren’t home a lot and don’t have a lot of time to spend on house training. However the more time you spend working with your puppy the quicker she will be toilet trained.

You will need to take your puppy to the toilet area, most often the back lawn area. You should take her to this area about every 45 minutes and in particular immediately after a play session or just after she has had some food or drink.

When she does her business in this designated area give her lots of praise, be very enthusiastic, and let her know how good she is. Don’t punish your puppy for little accidents, she is only young and by punishing her you may set back the whole process.

Keep an eye on your puppy and try to keep her in the same room as you. If she has just used her bladder and bowels it will probably be safe to let her have a wander around the house, but make sure you don’t let her disappear for too long. When she wakes up from sleep, take her straight outside to the toilet area until she does her business.

Don’t forget lots of praise is the most important step in this whole process. Puppies like to please their masters, so if they receive lots of praise they will more than likely keep doing it and the quicker she will learn.

As your puppy grows older and develops more control over her bladder and bowel, she will be able to spend more time around the house on her own without your constant watch.

The Key to Successful House Training

Be patient and consistent with your puppy. Never punish your puppy for little accidents. Just remember that training takes time and the older your puppy gets, the more she will be able to control her bowel and bladder. Eventually, she will have a lot of control and will be able to hold on for longer periods. Don’t rush her, she will get to this stage in her own time.