Top 5 Tips from Liam “JUKEYZ” James – Excel the Skill to Dominate Call of Duty

If you want to excel the art of playing online games like a pro, you have to learn the pros play. Getting back to the game, modern warfare is not that easy to master. Experts suggest that the more time the mode stays active on the servers, the level of competition gets steeper on the title. This post offers some great insights from Liam “JUKEYZ” James, through which you will know how to dominate on the battlefield and ensure to have consistent victories. 

  • Get familiar with the guns

Guns are indeed a matter of personal taste, but one to be very specific in making the right choice. According to Liam, one of the best guns to use is ODEN. Of course, not the easiest one to use, but the moment you know how to control and hit the bullets, you will finish your adversaries in a jiffy that too at the beginning of the game. 

  • Learn when to engage

Engaging with the enemy intelligently is considered one of the most strategies for survival and dominance in the warzone. So, the best is to keep moving without moving more time on looting. 

  • Collaborate with a good team

Victories in the warzone are not possible only by one great player. Success always comes when you play in a group of players. Collaborating with a good team would be an ideal decision as it helps you understand the game better. 

  • Make use of the Jukeyz setup

According to Liam, the most suitable current loadout is the Kilo 141 and MP5. Kito is not considered an assault rifle for most of the All credit goes to some smart attachment choices and loads of practice. 

  • Know how to end the game

Getting ambushed and obliterated even before you manage to mount a decent defense is quite destroying, specifically in high-intensity warzone tournaments. Liam suggests thinking about the possible situation where you can position yourself for the final circles. 

All this awareness will help you make better at the game, and you will certainly excel in it.