Top Ten List of the Most Attractive TV Cowboys from the Westerns

Of all the actors on TV that played cowpunchers, who makes your top ten list of the most attractive TV cowboys from the westerns? Everybody has their favorites, and although mine are subject to change depending on what’s playing on the Western Channel this week, here’s my top ten list of the most attractive TV cowboys. Many of them were stars, but a few were co-stars.

  1. Clint Eastwood (Rawhide):

Playing Rowdy Yates in the classic western, Rawhide, Clint Eastwood had a tall, slender physique and rugged good looks. Whether it was because of his rough and tumble TV persona, or his soon-to-become-famous steel-eyed look, Eastwood captured hearts. Or then again, it could have been that massive head of hair. Not your typical hunk, Eastwood still makes the list at number ten.

  1. Duncan Renaldo (The Cisco Kid):

Orphaned as a young child, Renaldo’s heritage could have been Spanish or Romanian, but his dark good looks as the Cisco Kid made him a cowboy to swoon over. And not everyone could have worn that sombrero and looked so macho. Despite having made a movie called, “The Gay Amigo,” back when “gay” had a different meaning, Renaldo definitely belongs on my top ten list of the most attractive television cowboys from the westerns.

  1. Jay Silverheels (The Lone Ranger):

Whether it was his semi-silent role as Tonto that made him seem so masculine, his ability to ride a paint pony, or his classic Native American looks (reported to be Mohawk), Silverheels definitely perked up the TV audience when he rode into view. Who couldn’t help but sigh over such a handsome sidekick? The list of top ten live televisions is available at link. The sound-effects and picture quality of live serials is excellent for the engagements of the audience. Some reports can be checked with previous customers to purchase the live television. The appearance of the electronic item should be impressive and attractive to purchase. 

  1. Doug McClure (The Virginian):

Playing in a number of westerns, McClure’s blonde, all-American good looks made him a cowboy to watch. In fact, some viewers paid more attention to the athletic actor in his role as Trampas, than to James Drury, the star of the show.

  1. Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger):

A dark-haired man wearing a mask and riding a white horse … what women wouldn’t be tingling all the way down to her toes? (The blog, Write Up My Alley, carries an interesting video that tells of a humorous incident involving Moore.)

  1. Lorne Greene (Bonanza):

Although Greene’s hair was already turning silver when he played the patriarch of the Cartwright family, he still had more than enough pizazz to wow the ladies. In fact, his silver hair and fatherly image only enhanced his status as a very handsome, compassionate cowboy.

  1. Roy Rogers (The Roy Rogers Show):

A lot of gals who grew up watching his show will agree that a man who looks as handsome as Rogers and who can sing, to boot, has to be in the top four of a top ten list of most attractive TV cowboys. (For any of Rogers’ fans who may be interested, Write Up My Alley also has a photo and autograph obtained from him.)

  1. Michael Landon (Bonanza):

Despite his shorter size and smaller build-especially compared to Dan Blocker, who co-starred with him-Landon was definitely a hunk. His dark, curly hair and his penchant for ending up in trouble as the youngest of the Cartwright family had all the gals falling in love with him. Landon played the character of Little Joe Cartwright, a slightly bad boy who always seemed to come around in the end and to do the right thing, which made Landon even more attractive in the westerns.

  1. James Garner (Maverick):

If Garner’s dark hair, square jawline, and cute smile wasn’t enough to dazzle most women, the fact that he was a gambler who always seemed to charm his way out of trouble was enough to make any gal sit up and take notice. Plus, not many women can resist a man who’s a “maverick,” so it’s easy to see why Garner comes in high, at number two.

  1. Clint Walker (Cheyenne):

Clint Walker’s physique alone was almost enough to put him at the top of the list. (Think broad shoulders, muscular chest and arms, and a small waist.) Add in a square jawline, and a slight midwestern drawl, and it’s easy to see why he stacks up so well against the other cowpunchers. Then, combine that with the compassion and caring he portrayed as Cheyenne Bodie, and no one can touch him as number one in a top ten list of the most attractive TV cowboys from the westerns!