Top Ten Self Help Books

The following list are books for those in need of self-help. Whether you’re someone looking for answers in a tough situation, trying to boost self-esteem, learning how to control anger, or rid your fear of something, these books can help. The following books listed are in no particular order.

Self-Esteem by Matthew Mckay and Patrick Fanning

This book has been trusted by many therapists. It helps one to improve self-image and increase a body’s personal power. After reading this book, many people have felt better about themselves and they are living life to the fullest. For building self-esteem with 75hard methods, the feeling and thoughts of the person is good and sound in the mind. The therapists will yield all the important information to the people to get effective results. The experience of the patients should be better and excellent. 

The Anger Control Workbook by Matthew Mckay and Peter Rogers

Anger is a problem that everyone has to learn to deal with at some point. It can lead to many unwanted situations that you wish you could change after. This book will help you to control your anger and be able to see the signs of when your anger is occuring.

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne

Many people have fears and anxiety. This book teaches you specific skills to overcome phobias and panic. The book also provides herbal and supplements that can help someone to deal with their situation.

Children of the Self-Absorbed by Nina W. Brown

This book is about children who had parents growing up that were selfish. This book helps those children by teaching them the outcomes of these situations and how they can learn to deal with this as they get older.

Why Is It Always About You? by Sandy Hotchkiss

This book is similar to the book above except that it deals with all types of self-centered behavior. She shows how to deal with arrogance and jealousy. It helps people to have healthier relationships.

Stepcoupling by Susan Wisdom and Jennifer Green

This book is designed to help the families that have been broken apart by divorce, but have recreated as step-families. It is also about how to create a healthy relationship with the ex-partner, especially if you have children between the two.

Ten Days to Self-Esteem by David Burns

This book helps a person to recognize their moods, and to be able to create a better self-esteem. It is designed to work quickly with a ten-step process. Burns uses step-by-step methods to create a stronger and healthier you.

The Self-Esteem Workbook by Glenn R. Schiraldi and Matthew Mckay

This book helps readers to determine how their behavior affects them. It is similar to the other self-esteem books above, but it includes periodic check-ups to check your progress along the way.

Blending Familiesby Elaine Shimburg

Similar to Stepcoupling, this book offers real life stories of families that have gone through second marriages. It is directed toward new families that have newly joined together. It deals with emotional and financial solutions within a new marriage.

Getting Through the Day by Nancy Napier

This book is for adults who were abused as children. The book offers many strategies that can help one become successful as an adult working through their experiences of their childhood.