Travel to Melaka

Melaka state do not have an airport and not have a train system or station either leaving travel by bus as the only means of transport between Singapore and Melaka. This route is however on of the favourite routes for all the passengers,both tourists and locals, due to the famous historical sites in Melaka and the unique culture of the locals of Melaka like the Baba Nyonya culture. A big increase in the number of express travel buses and the increase in people going to and from Melaka is evident nowadays mainly due to the fact that Melaka was declared a world’s heritage site leading to big number of tourists visiting to come and experience this natural beauty.Melaka geographical location also makes this one of the best places for you to spend your holidays. On top of the natural beauty offered by Melaka state and the unique culture of her people, Melaka has a number of world class hotels and a very friendly population.

Getting to Melaka Sentral bus Station from Singapore

There is a big number of bus companies serving this route but Dalima Express, 707 and KKk Express over the years have remained to be the best loved bus companies by a majority of locals. Most of the Malaysian people who moved from their country to go and work in Singapore love to travel back home from Singapore to go and spend the weekends with their families and then travel back to Singapore after the weekend to report to their respective jobs. Most of the express bus companies terminates at Melaka Sentral,which is the main bus station in Melaka state. Melaka Sentral is however not situated in the heart of the city,it is located around 10 minutes drive away from the city meaning one has to catch a taxi to the city once the bus gets to the Melaka Sentral bus terminals. There are a number of taxi operators who are friendly and ready to take you to your destination. And normally the charges for you trip to the Melaka city center is usually affordable.

The journey from Singapore to the  Major Hotels area in Melaka city

Most visitors and tourist like boarding express bus from Singapore direct to the major hotels area in Melaka city. Most Singapore people also like travelling over to Melaka for the weekends to go and enjoy the natural beauty in Melaka and also have a taste of the unique culture of the people of Melaka especially the Baba Nyonya culture. Transtar, Luxury Coach are among the many express bus companies preferred by many of the people travelling direct from Singapore to the major hotels area in Melaka city. This bus companies wil get you to destination points other than  Melaka Sentral bus terminals and where is close to the main natural attractions, usually to places where it is walking distances though this comes at a fare higher than that paid by those who got to the Melaka Sentral bus terminals. Bus to Melaka trip from Singapore takes around 4 to 5 hours and is one of the fascinating tours in the world. Most people enjoy this bus to Melaka trip as it allows them to see the natural beauty of Melaka as they travel to the state of Melaka. Looking for unique destination where you can spend your next holidays? Well Melaka is the answer and best option for you.The magnificent beautiful bust travel,coupled with its magnificent beauty, unique culture and a friendly population makes Melaka state the one of the best tourist attraction site in the world.