Water In Glass Bottles

There’s no arguing that having water in glass bottles is a much better solution for hydration. However, we usually end up drinking mainly from plastic bottles. So let’s put more emphasis on drinking water in glass bottles and why it’s much better. Drinking water in glass bottles has far greater advantages ranging from the taste, being chemical free, better for babies to drink from, its reusability, and they’re dishwasher safe like the Bottles Up Glass Water Bottle – Black #BU-BLK . These are just a few known facts about drinking water in glass bottles.

 Drinking water in glass bottles tends to have a much more favorable taste and will definitely do the job when it comes to quenching the thirst. How many times can someone look at a cooled bottle of water and think to themselves how delicious that water in the glass bottle looks. Even looking at it will make you thirsty. Well, guess what, not only will the water look good it will taste even better. It won’t have any type of metallic or chemical taste to it that disturbs your taste buds. And you won’t have to worry about chemicals bleeding into your water, therefore making it a healthier choice. What a wonderful hydration solution to choose from.

 It’s a known fact that glass bottles tend to be free of chemicals. You’ll notice that glass bottles in their descriptions will be BPA free, or polycarbonate free, or PVC and phthalate free. This is one of the main reasons why drinking water in glass bottles is much better than plastics which will usually cause water to taste funny and it’s not good to reuse them due to the chemicals in the plastic. So drinking water in glass bottles wins hands down.

 Babies especially need reliable glass water bottles to drink from. It’s so important that your new born baby doesn’t ingest all the bad chemicals that come from plastic bottles. So make sure you choose the best water bottles for your baby. Cause they like refreshing water in glass bottles just as much as adults do. And parents always want to make sure they’re making the healthiest choices for their baby. And remember ladies while you’re carrying your baby to make sure that you’re choosing chemical free bottles to drink from yourself, as it’s just as important for you and your baby while you carry them.

 Water bottles are by far the best when it comes to reusability. People who like to hike up the mountains or go biking on trails or even workout should consider using glass water bottles on their journey to being a healthier person. You can refill glass water bottles as often as you need and they have the ability to keep your water cool and refreshing. Just spend a few extra dollars on an insulator and enjoy.

 After so many uses out on the bike trail or hiking and working out you can clean your glass water bottle inside of the dishwasher. Glass water bottles are dishwasher safe. So there’s an easy solution for cleaning glass bottles… and do what with them? Yes, reuse them over and over again. Then wash them in the dishwasher over and over again. No matter asking if the water will still taste as good, because it’s guaranteed to taste refreshingly good over and over again. What a way to save money.

What’s more important is that it needs to be kept in good and clean water bottles as there are a lot of low class brands that have some of the worst models in town that can impact the health so always buy a reputed one like personalized Nalgenes.

 So we’ve established that drinking water in glass bottles is by far better than you can imagine. It makes your water taste better, it’s free from chemicals and this allows us to clean them in the dishwasher and reuse them as much as we want without degrading the taste of your water from chemical leeching and most of all a healthier solution for your baby and you. So now’s the time to start shopping for the best water bottles so that you can enjoy the quench thirsting most refreshing water ever. Save the environment, save your health and save your money. Choose to drink water in glass bottles.